Hamvention 2024 Live Webcast

Saturday May 18, 2024

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Hambot will be giving away prizes to our viewers. See prize list below.

Prize eligibility requires a user to be logged into the chat room.

Prize winners are selected by Hambot, a computerized random name selector program. The winner’s names are chosen randomly and announced. When it is time for a prize, Hambot will announce the prize and request that everyone please stop chatting during the give-away. Hambot will announce the name selected as a possible winner. That person must claim he is “here” to receive the prize. If the person has not “claimed” or identified themselves before the time is up, Hambot will start the process again and announce a new name. This will repeat until someone wins the prize. If Hambot states that the time is up, that is the final decision.

W5KUB.com makes every effort to list prizes accurately, but mistakes happen. W5KUB.com is not responsible for typos or incorrect prizes, model numbers, descriptions, pictures, shipping restrictions, etc. All prizes will be awarded as the donor intended. W5KUB.com is not responsible for the non-shipment of a prize by a donor/vendor. Prizes are sent to you directly from the donor.

If you won a prize:

• Immediately send an email to prizes@w5kub.com. The message should include the name of your prize and your name, call (if applicable), mailing address (no post office box), and email address. Prize winners with a USA call sign MUST provide a USA mailing address for prize delivery. If not, you will forfeit your prize.

• Within ten days after Hamfest, we will email your contact information to the vendor/donor of your prize, and you will receive a copy of the message. The donor will ship your prize based on your contact information sent to prizes@W5KUB.com. It is your responsibility to report any errors to the donor ASAP. Any further communication should be between you and the donor.

Balun Designs

Eligible winner U.S. only

Winner:Tom Gregor K3SSB

Eligible winner U.S. only

Winner:Richard Lighthiser AD8RL

You must be in the lower 48 United States for this prize.

Winner:Dennis Erickson WA9FBC

You must be in the lower 48 United States for this prize.

Winner:George Fisher III KD4ZUA

Eligible winner U.S. only

Winner:Alan Proffitt AE5RX

Winner:Michael Wachur K3DR


Eligible winner U.S. only

Winner:William Spring K8VMC

value of $84

Eligible winner U.S. only

Winner:John Merrill N1JM

value of $84

Eligible winner U.S. only

Winner:William Drummer KC8YQL


International winners are eligible

Winner:Bill Donovan KI4RDZ


Eligible winner U.S. only

Winner:John Morelli W1JGM

250 Feet of LMR-400

est price $375

Eligible winner U.S. only

Winner:Charlie Wirth W3DDF

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