Pico Balloon

Click here to track w5kub-105 with aprs

Click here to track w5kub-105 with habhub


W5KUB-105 had a massive balloon failure at 43000 ft.

Here is our position on aprsdirect. Use your mouse to move map and zoom in

Our position on habhub. Use mouse to move map and zoom.

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This is an attempt to send a balloon around the world. See pictures below of our home built tracker (under a microscope) and gassing of the balloon. Our best flight shown below was w5kub-18 which went around the world 3.5 times and stayed up for 72 days. This flight will be similar construction. We will be using an sbs-13 balloon with hydrogen gas. Steady float altitude will be about 42,000-43,000 ft. Speeds will vary but in the right jet stream it can reach speeds of 150 mph. We are solar powered only, so that means tracking only when it is in sunlight. The balloon’s position will up date on the tracking maps every 10 minutes. The little 10 mW transmitter will be on 14.0956 and the signal will be heard up to 9000 Km away.



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