August 19 & 20, 2023, Huntsville, Alabama

Prize eligibility requires a user to be logged into the chat room. User Name registration is not required for this event. You may use your IRC chat client or Libera chat (chatroom we use), and the room is #w5kub.

Prize winners are selected by Hambot, a computerized random name selector program. The winner’s names are chosen randomly and announced. You must be in the chat room to win. When it is time for a prize, Hambot will announce the prize and request that everyone please stop chatting during the give-away. Hambot will announce the name selected as a possible winner. That person must claim he is “here” to receive the prize. Hambot will give multiple announcements of the selected name and a count down. If the person has not “claimed” or identified themselves before the time is up, Hambot will start the process again and announce a new name. This will repeat until someone wins the prize. If Hambot states that the time is up, that is the final decision. makes every effort to list prizes accurately, but mistakes happen. is not responsible for typos or incorrect prizes, model numbers, descriptions, pictures, shipping restrictions, etc. All prizes will be awarded as the donor intended. is not responsible for the non-shipment of a prize by a donor/vendor. Prizes are sent to you directly from the donor.

If you won a prize:

• Immediately send an email to The message should include the name of your prize and your name, call (if applicable), mailing address (no post office box), and email address. Prize winners with a USA call sign MUST provide a USA mailing address for prize delivery. If not, you will forfeit your prize.

• Within ten days after Hamfest, we will email your contact information to the vendor/donor of your prize, and you will receive a copy of the message. The donor will ship your prize based on your contact information sent to It is your responsibility to report any errors to the donor ASAP. Any further communication should be between you and the donor.

• If you are required to pay for shipping, the cost and payment method will be provided in your email message.

This special prize is for our financial supporters

See the video for detail

Winner: Don Robinson, WA4YYM

USA addresses only

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We need your support!

Your support is needed to help offset the significant cost of providing this webcast. This prize is set aside for those who help support this webcast. A lucky supporter will win the Comet CAA-500 Mark II Antenna Analyzer, valued at $450. For every $5 you donate, your name will be entered for this beautiful analyzer; $10 gets your name in 2 times, $15 in 3 times, etc. Donations for this prize cut-off on Saturday, August 20 at 10 PM ET. You don’t have to be present to win, and you don’t have to answer in the chat room to win this prize. If your name is picked, we will contact you. The winner must have a USA address. To donate to help, please click the Paypal link; we will announce the winner on Sunday, August 21 at noon CT.

Thanks, Mick Stwertnik, KB6JVT

The prizes below are available to anyone in the chatroom

ARRL Prize Certificate

Winner: Patty Mondick, KC3OVC

ARRL Prize Certificate

Value $50.00 world wide

Thanks, Bob Inderbitzen, NQ1R

ARRL Prize Certificate

Winner: David Stanley, WI4L

ARRL Prize Certificate

Value $25.00 world wide

Thanks, Bob Inderbitzen, NQ1R

$100 Gift Certificate towards any balun

Winner: Kevin Alewine, W0VP

$100 gift certificate

World wide

Thanks, Robert Rumsey

12V, 12Ah LFP Battery (PVC, BLF-1212A)
plus charger

Value $139.99, USA Only

Thanks, Kevin Zanjani

Winner 1: Bill Drummer, KC8YQL
Winner 2: John Nell, K9JDN
Winner 3: John Hummel-Newell, VE5JHN

12 issues, digital subscription

world wide

Value $30 each

Thanks, Richard Moseson, W2VU


Winner: Mark Garrett, KA9SZX


Value 149.95 Euros USA only

Thanks, Guus van Dooren

QRZ Explorer QRZ-1, a 5 Watt Handi Talkie

Winner 1: Jim Schlesser, WA9MED
Winner 2: Rolland Mason, KJ6DQ
Winner 3: Chris Harris, W8OX
Winner 4: Terrell Martin, WB7WVG
Winner 5: Randy Gideon, KN6BZG

QRZ Explorer QRZ-1, a dual-band, 5-watt ham radio transceiver, is a part of the new QRZ New Ham Jumpstart program, a program that helps new hams get on the radio faster!

Value $59 USA only

Thanks, GigaParts and QRZ

Six Panel Red/White/Blue Cap with Call

Winner 1: Rick Wilson, KD8QDP
Winner 2:
Don LaRoche, KB1SZL

Six Panel Red/White/Blue Cap with Call
Value $19.98, U.S. only
Thanks, Amy and Ron Kritzman

Ham Radio Deluxe
or two years of Software Maintenance and Support

Winner 1: Larry Carbaugh, N7LUF
Winner 2:
Karl Davlin, KC0BDZ

Ham Radio Deluxe Software or two years of Software Maintenance and Support

world wide

Value $99.99

Thanks, Lindy Southwell

9612 XE dual-port, multi-speed radio
modem/TNC/data controller

Winner 1: Mike Tarola, KB7CP
Winner 2:
George Lowe, AB2MI

9612 XE dual-port, multi-speed radio
modem/TNC/data controller

Value $465 USA only

Thanks, John Lynn KE0SWE

Winner 1: Jerry Hodge, AC0MW
Winner 2:
James Easter, WD8IOL

250 QSL cards or 250 Eyeball cards or any 1 item

Maximum value $84, USA only

Thanks, Randy Dorman KB3IFH


Winner: David Harden, KJ4CMY

MFJ 148RC – LCD 24/12 Hour, Dual Time Zone Clock

world wide

Value $79.95

Thanks, Richard Stubbs

Winner: Joel Stacy, K0OQL


world wide

Value $79.95

Thanks, Richard Stubbs

Winner: Robin Spalding, N6RLS

MFJ-260C, Dry Dummy Load, 300 WATT, 1-650MHz

world wide

Value $59.95

Thanks, Richard Stubbs

MFJ-392B Headset

Winner: Marvin Haynes, WB4OKM


world wide

Value $49.95

Thanks, Richard Stubbs

MFJ-822 Wattmeter/SWR Meter

Winner: Alan Covey, KN4HGI

MFJ-822, WATTMETER, HF/VHF, 1.8-200 MHz, 300 W, MOBILE

world wide

Value $84.95

Thanks, Richard Stubbs

MFJ-557 Code Osc with Key

Winner: Ed Thomas, WD8KCT


world wide

Value $74.95

Thanks, Richard Stubbs

Ham Shack Reference Mat

Winner: Jay Melnick, KB0TS

Quirky QRP
Ham Shack Reference Mat

value at USA only

Thanks to James Hannibal – KH2SR 


Winner: Bill Brown, WB8ELK


world wide

Value $109

Thanks, Jon Hudson G4ABQ

Signalink USB

Winner: Kenneth Thompson, KG5KS

Signalink USB

Value $139.95 USA only

Thanks, Jason Yilek

LMR – 400, 250 feet

Winner: Preston Moore, N5JIJ

LMR – 400, 250 feet

Value $350, USA only

Thanks, Meghan Kelley